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Box – 20 + 3 FREE


  • Fun and entertainment for blind child

  • Developmental benefits

  • Free shipping

  • 100% money-back quarantee

3D tactile coloring pages for blind or visually impaired children are handmade by disabled people. The 1 mm lines above the paper surface make it easier for the children to color the image.

Blind children can paint the picture with fingerpaints and learning about everyday objects while doing it. The drawings are also helpful for children with motility disorders.

Strong paper allows triple use – first it can be colored by pencils, then with gouache paint and finally the child can mold the plasticine within the contours.

All 3D tactile coloring pages are A4 size and all drawings are located in the middle of the paper. One collection consists 20 + 3 coloring page.

Technical data:
Paper – 250 g serixo, paper size – A4, colors – water-based decorative paint for making 3D stripes, collection dimensions – 34 x 22,5 x 7,5 cm,  package – corrugated cardboard.

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