What size are the coloring pages?

All coloring pages are A4 size.

How thick is the paper?

We are using paper 250 g Serixo.

What kind of colors do you use to make borderlines?

The color we use is a water-based decorative paint for making 3D stripes.

Are these borderlines strong?

Yes, they are.

Are these borderlines sticky?

No, after they are not after they have dried. But just in case we put on each page one parchment leaf to protect coloring pages from sticking together.

Will the 3D lines be sticky when they get in contact with water or guache?

No, they won`t be sticky.

What kind of drawings are included in collection?

You can see them all in the shop by clicking on the collection. Or you can see them all clicking on the circle in the front page where there is is written – over twenty everyday objects.

What are the dimensions of the package 20 +3 drawings?

Package dimensions are ca 34 x 22,5 x 7,5 cm.

Are the drawings from internet?

No, all drawing are personally designed by the artist.

Will you have different drawings in the future?

Yes, we will have. Just keep in touch.

Can I have different colors?

Yes, you can send us an e-mail and write what colors you would like (eg. not pink hat, but blue) and we will let you know about the possiblities. Please note that the price will be different and also the delivery time.

Why are there 4 products in the shop, but only one has a price?

Because, 3 of them are a free for you. As a gift!

When I add collection in my cart, will the free drawings be included automatically?

No, you have to add the free pages one by one into the cart.

Can I have all 3 free pages?

Yes, you can add all 3 free pages when you are purchasing the collection.

Can I have all 3 free pages of the same variety?

No, you can have one from each variety.

What happens if I add more free pages then 3?

Nothing, only 3 free pages will be sent to you with the collection.

After I have added the collection in the cart, how can I add these free pages?

In the cart you have a green line, where you can see a button „Continiue shopping“. Press this and you are back in the shop and can add more pages in the cart. Or you can also go back to the shop, when clicking the „shop“ in the menu.

How to I finish shopping?

When you have added all products in your cart, just click red button – proceed to checkout.

Do I need to create a new account?

No, you can be just a guest and buy the products.

Which boxes do I have to fullfil to continiue?

You have to fill all the boxes marked red* PLEASE be very careful with address.

Can I buy a product, but send it to my relatives/friends etc.?

Yes, just make a checkmark and you will have second addess box opened, just fill in where to ship the products.

Should I write something in notes box?

No, if you don`t have anything special to tell us.

I have done everything, but I can`t go on?

Probably you haven`t notice the little box beside the button that says to proceed to paypal? Please but a checkmark in that box (that will confirm that you read our terms&conditions. You can also do that, by clicking on the link on the left side) and then you can proceed to payment.

What kind of payment do you accept?

We accept payment via PayPal.

Can I pay via bank transfer?

No, you can`t. We accept only PayPal payments.

I have never made the PayPal payment – how can I handel that?

Don`t worry! PayPal will tell you step-by-step what you have to do.

I have a pending payment with Paypal. What happens now?

As soon as Paypal release the funds for payment, we will proceed with your order and send it out to you.

You have charged my Paypal account twice. What do I do?

Paypal transactions go through two processes so although it looks as if you have been charged twice, don’t worry, you haven’t. If you still have any concerns, please let us know and we’ll investigate for you.

Can I send a cheque?

Sorry, we don`t accept payments by cheque.


How much does delivery cost?

Nothing, delivery is free

Even international delivery?

Yes, internetional delivery is also free of charge.

Will the package arrive to my appartment?

No, the package will arrive to the nearest post office

Can I order courier service?

No, not at the moment. We will try to create that opportunity over time.

How can I know when the package has arrived?

You will have a notice from the Post office.

How long will international delivery take?

Europe – delivery in 4 to 6 working days

USA and Canada – delivery in 7 to 10 working days

Far East and Australasia – delivery in 12 to 14 working days

Rest of the world – delivery in up to 28 working days