A4 size 3D coloring pages

with colourful 1 mm lines above the paper surface
Over twenty everyday objects to explore

Tactile illustrations like clothes, fruits, pets, toys etc. with colourful rised lines. Gives to blind child fun and activities. Also helpful things for visually impaired.

Child can use one tactile page on three times

Strong paper allows triple use: first color by pencils, then with qouache paint and finally blind child can mold the plasticine within the contours.

Handmade by disabled people in Estonia

Each colouring page is handmade by a disabled person. Making these products for visually impaired children gives them joy and also provides a small income.

Proved by special education teachers

3D tactile coloring pages are tested nationwide in Estonia. The University of Tallinn has made research to prove developmental benefits for blind children.

Developmental benefits

Help to develop perception and skills of children, who are blind or with visual impairement
Gifts for the visually impaired children

The Institute of Educational Sciences in University of Tallinn has made a nationwide research at the schools for the children blind or visually impaired. The special education teachers tested 3D tactile coloring pages with children and gave their opinions and suggestions. The research revealed that the 3D tactile coloring pages are a good learning material helping to develop the child`s fine motor skills, perception, attention, vocabulary and storytelling skills. Tactile stimulation will help teaching a visually impaired child.



I am raising a blind child. Her name is Marie and she is 9 year old. An idea about these tactile coloring pages came from her. At the beginning of 2014 I founded the company Universal Design LLC. I always thought that we have to help people, who are different from us. That`s why I gave the job of making these tactile coloring pages to Tallinn Support Center „Juks“, where disabled people are working. The idea to dedicate this product trademark to my blind princess, appeared later. Letter „D“ on trademark Mariel D means Disabled and also the Design, beacuse all drawings are made by artist.
mother of blind child and entrepeneur